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Direktoratet for e-helse inviterer til dialog rundt forprosjekt for helhetlig samhandling og felles journal for kommunal helse- og omsorgstjeneste.

​24. mai 2019​Oslo​09.00-11.00Market dialogue - 2019.05.16 (pdf)

The Ministry of Health and Care Services have provisioned the Directorate of eHealth to conduct a planning project for establishing a national electronic health record for primary care services and a national health sector information exchange.

The Directorate of eHealth would like to engage the supplier market and industry associations for health IT solutions and services to provide input to the planning project in areas such as solution scope and architecture, procurement strategy, implementation strategy, governance and organization models, cost and benefit estimation, and benefit realization. The project planning report will be an important basis for the government's and municipalities' investment decision process, tentatively in 2020.

This dialogue is part of a planning project and does not constitute a procurement process.

Dialogue with suppliers

We will arrange an open dialogue conference on the 24th of May, 09:00-11:00 in Oslo (also web cast). The request for information will be distributed by 16th of May.

Suppliers who are interested in participating in this dialogue process will be invited to an individual meeting in June, with submission of documentation subsequent to the meeting.

Background information

The government report «Meld. St. 9 (2012-2013) Én innbygger – én journal» (One citizen - one record) sets clear goals for the ICT development of the Norwegian health services. The strategy is presently to implement the vision through three strategic initiatives:

1. Implementing the solution "Helseplattformen" in Central Norway (Helse Midt-Norge).

2. On-going EHR up-grade and investment programs in the specialist health care regions of Nord, Vest and Sør-Øst

3. The procurement and implementation of a national electronic health record solution for primary care services outside Central Norway (Helse Midt-Norge), and a national solution for collaboration and information exchange for all health care services.


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