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​ICPC is copyright property of the World Organization of Family Doctors (Wonca). The Norwegian Directorate of eHealth , Department of Healthcare Classifications,  maintains this web page on behalf of Wonca International Classification Committee (WICC).

ICPC-2e policy on copyright, licensing and translations

ICPC-2e fundamentals

ICPC-2 contact information

In order to develop ICPC the Wonca Classification Committee (WICC) would like to have feedback from as many users as possible with suggestions for clarification, alterations, or extensions.

Please contact a local member of WICC

Mail to WICC Chair:
Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Kühlein

Universitätsklinikum Erlangen

Allgemeinmedizinisches Institut

Universitätsstraße 29

91054 Erlangen

Tel:  +49 (09131) 85-31140

Fax: +49 (09131) 85-31141


Wonca Executive: ceo@wonca.net

Repository (updates, translations, 2-pagers):  taran.borge@ehelse.no

The Norwegian Directorate of eHealth is responsible for maintaining and ensuring the quality of  this web site and might without notice remove URLs that are not working. We will if possible get in touch with the person/s responsible for an URL before any such action.

ICPC-2e download

The ICPC-2e versions on this page follow the ICPC version numbering system (PDF) introduced by the WICC Update Group in November 2005. 

VersionAdditional InformationDownload

​ICPC-2e-v.6.0  6 April 2017

Changes in mapping to ICD-10. The process codes are updated with short title, inclusion, exclusion, criteria, consider and note. Published in excel and ClaML.ICPC-2e-v.6.0 (zip, 290k)

ICPC-2e-v.5.0 19 May 2015

The process codes are updated with  inclusion, exclusion, criteria, consider and note.  Published in excel, Access and ClaM.ICPC-2e-v.5.0 (zip, 615k)

ICPC-2e-v.4.4 12 January 2015

Changes in mapping to ICD-10. Published in excel, Access and ClaM.ICPC-2e-v.4.4 (zip, 330k)

ICPC-2e-v.4.3 15 September 2013

Changes in mapping to ICD-10. Published in excel.ICPC-2e-v.4.3  (zip, 250k)

ICPC-2e-v.4.2 (Build 424) 4. May 2012

Updated according to WICC meetings in Ghent (2010), Barcelona (2011) and the WICC ICD10 Update Group.

ICD-10 mapping to icd102010enMeta.zip WHO Classification Download (The files are dated 20.10.2011 but codes.txt 11.01.2012)

ICPC-2e-v.4.2 All files (zipped, 1M)

Technicalguide ICPC-2e-v.4.2 (pdf, 176k)

ICPC-2e-v.4.1 (Build 413) 16. May 2011

Normalized according to WICC meeting in Ghent (2010).
Correction of errors, minor text changes  and changes in inclusion and exclusion terms.
ICD10 references are from the 2005 ICPC-2R book (CD).
ICPC-2e-v.4.1 Access database (zipped, 544k)

ICPC-2e-v.4.0 (Version 1.0) 22. September 2008

Version has been removed, and will be published when the identified errors have been corrected. 


Finalized by WICC in January 2005. Corresponds to the book version ICPC-2-R. The electronic version is limited to chapters 10 and 11.

You will need either the datafiles or the Access database, see the technical guide (word, 71 kB).


ICPC-2e-v.3.0 Datafiles and alphabetical index (zipped, 111k)

ICPC-2e-v.3.0 Access database (zipped, 687k)

ICPC-2 tutorial (ppt, 876k)

ICPC-2 brochure (pdf, 134k)


This version used to be named "March 2002 version".

Download the zipped version (229 kB) of ICPC-2-E March 2002 for Access 2002-2003

Download the zipped version (215 kB) of ICPC-2-E March 2002 for Access 2000 and earlier 


ICPC-2e translations

Translations (national versions) and ICPC-2 pager (copy desks in A4 format)

Note for translators

LanguageCountryPagerVersionSubmitted by
CastillianSpainSee Spanish  
CatalanSpainPager Sebastià Juncosa
​Portuguese​Brazil​Pager​2009.9.9​Gustavo Gusso
​Georgian​GeorgiaPager​November 2016​Ana Kareli
Chinese ChinaPagerJune, 2006 
Danish DenmarkPager2011-03-24Bo Nedergaard
Dutch The NetherlandsPager  
EnglishMaster versionPagerICPC-2e v.4.1Anders Grimsmo
FinnishFinlandPagerv.4.0Mårten Kvist
German GermanyPager v.3.9Thomas Kühlein
Greek GreecePager Dimitris Kounalakis
ItalianItalyPagerOctober 2008Jean K. Soler
MalteseMaltaPagerJuly 2009Jean K. Soler
NorwegianNorwayPagerICPC-2e v.2.0Anders Grimsmo
Portuguese PortugalPager Daniel Pinto
RomanienRomaniaPager2-aMarius Marginean
Russian RussiaPager  
Spanish SpainPagerJanuary 2009 
SwedishFinlandPagerv.4.0Mårten Kvist
​Ukranian​UkrainePager​May 2017​Vadym Vus
VietnameseVietnam Pager v.4.0 Thanh Liem Vo





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